Certified Personal Trainer Kenmore, NY

Vincent P. Mangione, Jr.
Vincent is a North Tonawanda native and 2009 St. Joseph’s Collegiate Institute grad with an Associate Degree in Business from NCCC and a BA in Nutrition and Health from the State University at Buffalo. 

Vincent’s passion for training extends to his desire to help others. He believes that everyone truly wants to improve him or herself, whether it be simply living healthier, fuller lives, getting to that next level in the sport they love, or building strength to succeed at powerlifting competitions. Vincent wants to be that person who will assist people in the achievement of their fitness goals, helping them make the positive change that they came to Kenmore Barbell & Fitness to achieve.

Thomas J. Brady

Thomas is a North Tonawanda native and 2009 North Tonawanda High School graduate with a passion for health, fitness and wellness. He is an ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer holding a Specialist in Fitness Nutrition certification. He also is the only currently Certified MovNat Trainer (Level 2) in Western New York.  

Helping others has always been the leading motivator for Thomas. Being able to share detailed knowledge of proper fitness and nutrition is the prime driver behind Thomas’ training philosophy. Thomas’ biggest goal for his clients, besides helping them reach theirs, is keeping them safe, and teaching them the basic skills of movement to support them for the rest of their lives. 

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