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At Kenmore Barbell & Fitness, we understand that working out is only a small percentage of fitness. Proper nutrition plays a large role in achieving fitness goals as well. Therefore, KBAF has plenty of Citadel Nutrition Products and WOD Repair Lotion products to help you in your fitness journey. 

Citadel Nutrition Products
Apre-workout/performance product that delivers core ingredients in the right amount. Bells, whistles, and new ingredients of the month wear off, but simple and effective never does. No proprietary blends so you can verify for yourself. Stim junkies and people that think "pumps/buzz/tingles" increase performance need not apply. Tastes good to boot.
A product that follows the same straightforward approach as Tier 1, but with a little bit more kick. Engineered for heavier individuals and those that need more caffeine. Considerations include your individual sensitivity to stimulants, overall caffeine intake, and training protocol. 
The most proven and researched ingredient in sports nutrition. Helps with power output and exercise performance. It just works. 
A vitamin product that's much more than "cheap insurance." Our goal is to make you rethink everything you thought you knew about multivitamins. Instead of cramming a laundry list of vitamins and minerals into a single pill, we did more with less. This product focuses on the vitamins and minerals that matter to athletes - and then provides them in the right amounts.
Citadel Nutrition fish oil is provided in its naturally-occurring triglyceride form. What does that mean to you? You’re getting a fish oil product the way nature intended, with advantages like better absorption and reduced oxidation.

WOD Repair Lotion

The Original Maintenance by WOD Repair Lotion is perfect for any gym bag, purse or simply to keep at home. 

WOD Repair Lotion is an all-natural skin care product that can be used to heal the plague of ripped hands, dry skin and achy calluses. The Original Maintenance helps keep calluses under control when working out or training hard. We like to promote healthy calluses which allow you to keep your grip strength. Keep your calluses in check by using it on a daily basis for maintenance. WOD Repair Lotion not only gives you healthy calluses but also heals serious rips and burns! 

Simple to use and extremely effective. No chemicals, no preservatives. Just all natural real ingredients with real results.

Perfect for fresh rips that need to be healed immediately and stubborn calluses that plague your life. 

Additional oils help with better hydration and faster healing. 

Essential oils, eucalyptus and tea tree increase anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral protection, while giving off an intoxicating aroma.

Use RAPID when/if your hands rip, get rope burn, extra dry skin, minimal burns or even fall on a box jump to heal rapidly.

All products available for purchase at gym.
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