We are offering MovNat for Mobility 
classes every Saturday at 12:30pm
MovNat for Mobility is a guided class that takes participants through a ground movement flow, similar to yoga, geared for increasing mobility and aiding in recovery. This class also helps bring awareness to how one move’s through a given environment, helping to point out inefficiencies in their movement. A vital step to improving in any activity is knowing what needs to be worked on. Emphasizing mindful movement helps participants accomplish this.
Drop in fee is $20 for non-members and $10 for members. 
Strength Workshop 2.0
Sunday, August 6th from 9am-2pm
A continuation of the Strength Workshop hosted last year. Jason Tremblay and Taylor Atwood of 'The Strength Guys' will be back to discuss how to achieve excellence in your sport as well as a practical assessment to follow in the afternoon.
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