About Us

Sports Trainer in Tonawanda, NY

Kenmore Barbell & Fitness was started for one reason and one reason only: to help people become STRONGER Every Day.
STRONGER Every Day means more than just being able to lift more in the gym.
Kenmore Barbell & Fitness is a private training facility in Kenmore, NY where we specialize in personal training, weight loss, athletic performance training, powerlifting, strength and conditioning, functional training, Olympic weight lifting, and more. 
Sports trainer Kenmore, NY

Sports Trainers Promoting a Positive Environment

We are dedicated to providing our clients and members with a positive, motivating atmosphere where you feel like you are part of a family. All KBAF fitness trainers are experienced, energetic, highly-motivated individuals who are driven by the success of their clients.

Kenmore Barbell & Fitness offers a unique training experience; so whether you are looking for a new gym to call home or you are in town visiting, KBAF is the place for you!

All fitness levels are welcome!


Our Personal Fitness Coach Services

Whether you’re looking to lose weight, improve performance in sports, hone your powerlifting technique, or learn what the best diet is for you, Kenmore Barbell & Fitness can help. We can supply a personal fitness coach, certified fitness trainer, powerlifting trainer, and personal fitness coach, as well as personal fitness training and athletic performance training. No matter what your body type or skill level, call or stop by KBAF today to learn more about our gym memberships!
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